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Interested in private practice?

Get the benefits of a private practice without the risk and investment.

The Peninsula Center for Children and Families is looking for motivated, independently Licensed Therapists LMFT, LMFTA, LPC, LPCI, LCSW, and Psychologists and registered associates. 

You will benefit from our marketing, support and a well-equipped, aesthetically pleasing office to receive your clients at a schedule decided by you!

We provide a collaborative, supportive, and trauma-informed environment. We also offer in house supervision/consultation.

We also provide a HIPAA compliant, web-based note-taking system upon scheduling your first client, administrative support, appointment reminders for your clients, and supplemental insurance Aflac.

What the therapist is expected to provide:

  • We expect the therapist to be highly motivated and available to market themselves within the framework of the center.

  • At least 10 appointment openings a week to receive clients during regular business hours

  • Active involvement in our marketing operations:
    – Participate in marketing and networking events
    – Setup an active online presence (training is provided)

  • Participate actively in our online marketing initiatives (blogs, social media, video, pictures, etc.)

  • Have a valid therapist license and insurance in the State of California

  • Adhere to all laws and rules of ethics pertaining to the licensure

  • Possibility to organize groups or participate in existing groups

Job Type: Employee

Required minimum education: Master’s

Required licenses or certifications: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Psychologist, or registered associate.

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