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THRIVE School-Based Mental Health Services


We provide quality private practice psychotherapy services directly to children and their families at their own school

                                           Living through the global pandemic of Covid 19 during 2020 and 2021                                               we understand the demands that were placed on our children.  As                                                     difficult as the pandemic has been for most adults, it is the children                                                   and teens that have been impacted more than most people realize.                                                   Children were expected to maintain "normal" academic standards during a global pandemic while trying to learn at home.  Our children and teens need quality mental health care to help support them as they return to school and process the impact the pandemic has had on each of their lives.  Our schools and communities are unequipped to handle the need within the school setting.  That is why we felt compelled to develop a school-based therapy program to bring quality mental health services to all students in the community. 

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Group Bonding
Children & Teens

School Based Services

We provide our quality mental health services directly to children & teens at their school.

Smiling Teacher
Teachers & Schools

Training & Support

We work collaborativly with teachers and school staff, and we provide training and supportive services.

Happy Family

Training & Support

We help provide support to parents on how to help their children thrive. 

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